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Why Side Dishes Are an Important Part of Party Meals

Sides, usually referred to as side dishes, are an essential component of every party meal course. They are often offered to complement and improve the whole eating experience, and they are frequently served alongside the main course.

These come in a variety of flavors, textures, and nutritional values to suit a diversity of palates and dietary requirements, ranging from salads and vegetables to grains and potatoes. Having sides on your menu for small party catering may seem like a minor detail, but it has a very big impact on the overall course. Some of the benefits of side dishes are:

1. Adding variety to your table

Sides are a way of adding variety to a meal. These are the ultimate complement to the main course. They help the flavors and textures coexist on the plate. Acting as an equalizer to heavy meals, they bring freshness and enhance the overall dining experience for everyone.

2. Balancing the nutritional value

Side dishes, consisting of vegetables, cereals, and other nutritious ingredients, bring balance to the table. They help neutralize the nutritional value of a protein rich meat course. These open the doors to a balanced and healthy meal at your events.

3. Taking care of dietary restrictions

What party doesn't have a wide range of guests? Some of them may be vegetarians, while others may have food allergies. Everyone needs to feel included, right? Side dishes not only bring variety and balance but also cater to the different dietary requirements of the guests. People with vegetarian preferences or gluten allergies can go for fries, chips, or corn without feeling left out.

4. Giving a better food presentation

As a host, you will definitely want your event to have a visual appeal. How else would it end up on an Instagram story or reel? The food must look splendid for a photogenic look. Beautiful sides make your food look ten times more appetizing with a colorful presentation.

5. Controlling portion size

Being a practical person, you must not rely only on the main course to feed all the guests. In order to stay within the budget constraints by controlling portion sizes, sides are a must on the menu. They can help with managing portion sizes at your event. This ensures that everyone gets the right amount of food on their plate, and less food is wasted this way.

6. Contrasting the flavors

Expert chefs know how to select a perfect side that elevates the dining experience at every table. A carefully crafted selection of sides can add excellent flavor appeal to the main course. For instance, spicy tacos can be complemented with a milder side like sweet corn or fries. Similarly, crispy and crunchy sides go well with tender and juicy main dishes. This kind of artful menu will certainly leave your guests impressed and filled with satisfaction.

Introducing our sides

We are known for our extraordinary food and top-tier catering. Bringing happiness and temptation to your table is our duty, and we do it sincerely. We have a variety of sides on our menu, and each of them will bring you joy in its own way.

Gotta have ‘em fries

Do these really need an introduction? The name itself says, You have to have them! Whether it's a side dish, an appetizer, or a snack for your cravings, it's guaranteed to satisfy your palate. These are loaded with cheese and refreshing sauces that give them an appealing look and an even more delicious taste. Gotta have ‘em fries will never let you down!


Nachos are popular among admirers of Tex-Mex cuisine. They are kind of a party for your taste buds. Filled with cheese, salsa, and toppings, they are the ultimate treat for everyone.

Chips with Guac or Queso

As a classic appetizer as well as a midnight snack, chips served with sauces can bring a smile to even the pickiest eaters. Chips are dipped in the creamy avocado based sauce and warm cheesy sauce, which automatically lifts up the spirit of the party.

Cup of Corn

Corn cups, brimming with flavors and brilliant colors, are here for a little change. It's a healthy yet delicious side dish that brings a sweet touch to your savory favourites. The ideal choice for those looking for a lighter but still filling addition to their dinner


Last but not least, our regular fries are not your average fries. They're crispy, perfectly seasoned, and an excellent side item when you need an additional dose of comfort at your event.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to social gatherings, corporate events, or wedding ceremonies, you cannot just ignore the side dishes on the menu. They are not just add-ons; they are the highlights of your event. Don't underestimate their ability to elevate a regular meal into something special. Our full-service catering is always ready to bring satisfaction and happiness to your tables with our special creations. So the next time you order food or plan a menu, don't forget to add the side dishes!