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How to Take Care of Special Diets and Allergies at Your Events

Where diversity in food is a key aspect of any event, taking care of dietary restrictions can also not be neglected. In today's world, the demand for dietary accommodations like vegetarian, gluten-free and allergen-free diets is high for gatherings. One-dish menus or meat-based food options don't work anymore for big gatherings. That's why it is important to embrace these new accommodations with open arms. We will help you understand the importance of addressing dietary needs and give you some practical tips to make your event better.

Importance of accommodating special dietary needs

People these days are very conscious when it comes to their diet plans. They look for a personalized dining experience that caters to their specific dietary needs at parties. That's why, when you're in charge of planning an event, you have to keep all the possible dietary needs in mind. Especially if it's a formal event like a corporate gathering or a wedding ceremony.

It's natural that not all the people at such a party would be happy to eat the chicken or meat dishes or gluten-free foods. They'd be looking for something they actually like to eat and that their bodies can digest with ease.

The special diets

  1. A vegetarian diet is one that abstains from eating meat, fish or chicken. It can have fruits, salads and anything else that doesn't come from slaughtering an animal.
  2. A vegan diet includes those who strictly refuse to consume anything that comes from animals. It also includes by-products like eggs, milk, cheese, etc.
  3. A gluten-free diet is a meal plan where you can't eat the proteins which are present in wheat, oats, barley, rye, etc. So you have to stick to the vegetables, fruits, beans and meats.

There are many other diets as well, like the allergen-free diet but these vary from person to person. Some people might be allergic to nuts, while others might be intolerant to fish or dairy products.

Useful tips for catering to special diets and allergies

Make an Inclusive Menu

While planning the menu, you need to keep every guest's preferences in mind. It may confuse you about how you can know what everyone wants. In that case, you can just get help from the best catering service you're hiring for the event. They will help you craft the perfect menu. If your menu consists of these items, it is good to go

  • Protein-based foods like meat and chicken
  • Vegetables or salads
  • Side dishes like potato chips, corn, and fries
  • Condiments and sauces that have gluten-free and vegan options
  • Desserts with lactose-free options

Have Clear Food Labels.

The table or station where food is served must have clear labeling showing which dish is gluten-free, which one is for vegetarians and so on. Of course, this won't be your headache if you just hire a full-service catering staff and ask them to deal with all your guests professionally.

Communicate with Guests

People who follow the dietary restrictions look exactly the same as people who don't. You can't just spot them instantly. Your staff should be professional enough to inquire about each guest's dietary preferences and allergies before serving food. This is important in sit-down catering, where the meal is served to everyone.

Make-your-own Meal Stations

You can have food stations at your party where guests can make their own meals. For instance, a vegetarian station can have all the ingredients for vegetarian tacos. It's a very effective way to make all the guests feel included, especially for buffet catering.

Incorporating special dietary preferences and accommodating allergies into your food menu is the best way to satisfy your guests. In a world where these things are becoming more and more significant, choosing an affordable catering service that serves the best meal within your budget is a smart choice. So be smart when planning a party!